Andrew Wright

Founder Worldwide Intranet Challenge

Andrew Wright is the founder of the Digital Workplace and Intranet Employee Benchmarking service. Completed by more than 100,000 people from over 300 organizations around world, the survey is the world’s largest intranet & digital workplace end user satisfaction study. Andrew has presented at conferences in Australia, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands and is regarded as a thought leader in the intranet and digital workplace space. In addition to his research, he also manages the two largest digital workplace related LinkedIn groups – Intranet & Digital Workplace Professionals and the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (with a combined membership of more than 22,500 people). He has been an intranet and digital workplace consultant for the past 15 years, completing numerous projects for organizations from all industries, using a variety of technology but mainly focussed on SharePoint.