Gilda Cavazza

Knowledge Management Lead & Change Practitioner Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg

Digital transformation is shaping new ways of working together and is opening a new era that requires creativity and innovation. We are changing our working methods but most of all, we are shifting mindset. Change management, mindset shift and enablement and are part of the Knowledge Management Processes I put in place. Because Digital Transformation is first a Change Management think addressed to people for people. Passioned about digitalization, science of information and sociology, my approach to Knowledge Management combines both human aspects and technological aspects. Combined with change management (Prosci®), KM is for me at the crossroads of agile / Kanban practices and innovative work methods in order to enable Knowledge Worker to better share content and know-how. Working in this field for more than 7 years, I contribute to the digital transformation of the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg since 2 years now.